How to choose the best Airbnb in Rio de Janeiro: A data science approach

Rio de Janeiro, the wonderful city home to one of the seventh wonders of the world, the Christ the Redeemer.


Are the amenities important for your experience? If yes, which amenities are the most? Are these amenities correlated with the price?

Figure 1 — Top correlations with the review scores and the listing’s price.

Is the host a fundamental factor for the host experience? If yes, what can a host do to improve their services?

Figure 2— Top numerical features correlations for the price and the scores.
Figure 3— Top correlations for the host response time and the scores.

Is the neighborhood important for the price? If yes, which one is the most expensive? Are they correlated with the users’ experience?

Figure 4 — Average price for each neighborhood.
Figure 5 — Top correlations of the neighborhoods an

Which feature influences more the price? And the review scores?

Figure 6 — Most important features for the review scores, throughout the Xgboost regression model.
Figure 7— Most important features for the price, throughout the Xgboost regression model.


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